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Choosing the right mover is a must, but having the basic knowledge and few tips does wonders in making your move peaceful and smooth.This article will give you a sound knowledge of ‘how-to’ and ‘what’ necessary to help you make your move straightforward.

Moving and Packing Tips

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Below given moving and packing tips will serve you in good stead if you intend to relocate your home or office.

  • Confirm as to which company you’re going to hire a week before the move. Decide the terms and conditions in a written form
  • Disassemble your items like furniture prior to moving because it will save you time on the day of moving
  • Look in-to every nook and corner to see if you’ve missed anything
  • Gather boxes which you will use to pack you items in.Also find cushioning materials to use as padding for delicate items inside the boxes
  • Label the boxes as to where you want to place the items packed in which room in the new house
  • Label the boxes especially which contain delicate items
  • Make a list of items packed
  • Tape the boxes both on the top and the bottom to strengthen the packing
  • Supervise all the relocation process yourself

Moving FAQ

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There are so many questions asked by so many people about the moving process. Here are a number of things that are enquired quite frequently by the people who want to move.

  • Is moving on weekends my best option?
  • Is packing and loading my responsibility or will the moving company do it for me?
  • Will the moving company transport my items or is it my responsibility to arrange the vehicle?
  • Are there any excess charges in case there is slight delay?
  • How can I book a moving service?
  • How will I get an estimated cost of my move?
  • When will I have to pay and how?
  • How is a quoted price determined? It depends on what factors?

These are only a few of the questions. You need to find the answers prior to your move for a much better experience. Making a move out of the blue will be nothing more than a bumpy ride.

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Moving Checklist

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The moving checklist is your ultimate life saver.

Moving is a stressful task and you have to take into consideration hundreds of details whether minor or critical. Moving checklist includes all you need to do before moving, during the move and after the move.

Making a comprehensive list of things that must be done in the whole moving process is a must.

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Moving Glossary

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Moving glossary incorporates so many terms just like any other business.There are moving industry terms like advanced charges, bill of lading, accessorial services, non-binding/binding estimate, order number, line-haul charges and so many other terms.

Moving Planner

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Moving planners are your go-to option if you want to save yourself from stressful planning and moving. Moving planners coordinate and organize your moves with their efficient approach. Contacting a moving planner saves you a lot of time and thinking!

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